Quick chilling, Non-Diluting Whiskey Tumbler

Steel Chill TM is a product of InStorez, LLC.


who we are

Jim Mills, CEO of InStorez, LLC

I'm Jim Mills, CEO of Instorez, LLC. Prior to founding InStorez, I worked in a startup environment for many years doing business development, so I've been fortunate enough to travel extensively. In my many years of traveling, I've tasted whiskey from many parts of the world. I've had the opportunity to meet fellow whiskey enthusiasts from all over the globe. 

I've always wanted my whiskey chilled, but never wanted to dilute a fine whiskey. Almost everyone I've talked to likes the same and has tried whiskey stones, stainless steel balls and various shapes and sizes of ice, all to some various degree of disappointment. Even my friends who like whiskey neat don't like it that way during the summer heat.

Not only do whiskey stones, stainless steel spheres and ice molds fail to meet my needs, but I can't use them when I travel. I needed a solution that would work in any hotel with an ice machine, so I designed Steel Chill.